AKRON, Ohio- While Governor Mike DeWine has announced a stay at home order, there are many people who may face eviction during the coronavirus crisis.

Steven McGarrity, executive director of Community Legal Aid in Akron, says he has a client who is being forced to move out this week.

"Where is this person gonna go and why is the landlord out doing something like this at a time where everybody is supposed to be staying home," said McGarrity.

Most of the courts in Northeast Ohio have stopped holding eviction hearings, but some are still doing what's called "set outs," which means the bailiff meets the landlord at the unit and removes the tenant and their belongings.

"The landlord gets the piece of paper that says they can take the property back, but the bailiff and the landlord still have to go out to the property and actually take possession back, and that's the set out, and some courts have stopped set outs, and some courts have not," said McGarrity.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development announced it is postponing foreclosure processes for single-family homeowners for the next 60 days, but currently, there is no relief for renters.

McGarrity says he fears landlords will take matters into their own hands.

"If landlords who can't go to court now try to take matters into their own hands, that those people should call us immediately because that is illegal, and we would do everything in our power to stop that."

While the Supreme Court recommends not holding non-essential hearings, cases such as evictions will ultimately be left up to each individual court.

"The courts really need to make sure that they're not putting people out in the streets. I understand that it's jeopardizing the rights of property owners and landlords, but there are so many businesses right now that are being negatively affected, there's really no excuse to say there's a business necessity for that," said McGarrity.

For more information on evictions and resources, follow this link.