CLEVELAND, Ohio — Enrollment officials at Case Western Reserve University say the college board canceled the May SAT, and moved the ACT from April to June. 

  • Officials say standardized testing has always been just one factor in their evaluation of applications
  • They want prospective students to focus on their work, rather than testing schedule uncertainty
  • The university will assess policies for future classes this coming winter

Richard Bischoff, vice president for enrollment management, says that testing has always been just one factor in the school’s evaluation of applications.

“Our admissions process has always viewed that ACT, SAT as one piece of information in an application. We care very deeply about what courses a student has taken, in terms of how those courses prepare them for Case Western Reserve. We care about how students perform in those classes. We read recommendations very very carefully,” said Bischoff.

Bischoff says testing date changes and uncertainty due to the coronavirus were causing anxiety among students, parents and counselors.

"Certainly, I would have never imagined we would make a decision about something of this magnitude so quickly, and I’m just so gratified by the response of my colleagues on campus. When I took this to them they said, ‘yes, this is what we should do, this is what’s good for students,'” Bischoff said.

He says the university prefers that prospective students focus on their work rather than circumstances beyond their control. 

“Right now, I think as we are adjusting to learning in an entirely new environment, it makes sense to focus on the course work that you have right now and finish that year as strong as you can,” Bischoff said.

Bischoff said the university will assess policies for future classes this coming winter. 

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