CINCINNATI, Ohio — Some neighborhoods all across Ohio need a little TLC. For Cincinnati, one of those is West Price Hill.

  •  A neighborhood enhancement program will focus on revitalizing abandoned buildings on one of its main streets
  • The buildings will be transformed into a family-friendly restaurant and brewery
  • Longtime residents and business owners say a project of this magnitude hasn’t happened in the area in at least 20 years

It was a day of celebration in West Price Hill. That’s thanks to an announcement that will turn abandoned buildings into a restaurant and brewery.

“I don’t think we’ve seen a project of this magnitude, certainly not in 20 years and maybe not in 30," said Laura Hamilton, the President of West Price Hill Community Council.

The buildings along Glenway Avenue have been abandoned for years and at some point, were going to be torn down. But thanks to many residents fighting to keep the original buildings, they will soon be renovated into updated spaces.

“This is our front yard," Hamilton said. "The entire impression of this community is formed on the drive down streets like Glenway by folks who don’t live here and we thought it was important to maintain some of the original character.”

“We are so excited," said Terena Deters, longtime West Price Hill resident and business owner. "And especially being across from two of our anchors in our neighborhood Elder and Seton, could not think of a better place to start.”

For longtime residents, a project like this close to two of the largest Catholic high schools in the area shows an investment in a community that they love so much.

“We just love West Price Hill," Deters said. "We love the neighbors, we love the neighborhood. We have so many friends here, we’ve never entertained the thought of leaving.“

“We’re just thrilled," Hamilton said. "I’m over the moon!”

The project is still in its preliminary phases and the next several months will be used to plan specifics for the buildings. Right now, the city plans to create a family-friendly restaurant as well as a Verge Brewery complete with a beer garden.

But residents and business owners know that this is just the beginning and hope this project sparks more change in the community to bring more people in.

“We need a reason for them to stay," Deters said. "We need to give them places to shop, places to dine, places to have a beer, places to meet with their friends.”

“It’s not like we’re just going to build a fancy brewery and everything’s going to be okay," Hamilton said. "We’ve got a lot of work left to do.”