MARIA STEIN, Ohio– The Marion Local Flyers aren’t a flashy group of guys, but what they do have are strong work ethics and a winning pedigree. 

After losing in the finals last year, they’re led by a group of seniors who are ready to lay it all on the line, as they hope to reclaim what they feel is rightfully theirs. 

The Marion Local Flyers aren’t going to run right by you. They plan to run straight through you. 

“We’re not fancy, I would say,” Senior Quarterback Kyle Muhlenkamp said. “We’re not going to beat you with speed and athleticism. We’re just gonna come out and hit you. Just power football.” 

That philosophy is part of the reason why Head Coach Tim Goodwin has been able to lead his team to nine-straight appearances in the state finals, an OHSAA record. They’ve won six of those visits this decade, and are hopeful of making Saturday’s trip to Canton, lucky number seven. 

So what’s the secret? 

“If there was a secret, I either would not tell it, or I’d sell it to people,” Goodwin said laughingly. “And, you know, I’m still here!” 

The real answer is a lot of hard work. From the offseason to now, it all adds up, and Goodwin says for those who may have never seen his team play before, they should expect to see a bunch of competitors who aren’t going to quit.

“They’re gonna see Blue and Gold out there and competing like crazy for 48 minutes,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin said his team is focused on trying to get back to claim what they feel is rightfully theirs after losing in the championship last year.

“It’s a long way from Maria Stein to Canton,” he said. “That’s a long bus ride back when you’re not used to losing. So far, I think the kids are committed to doing everything they can preparation wise to make sure that we’re going give ourselves every chance possible to come back with a win.”

Their leader, senior quarterback Kyle Muhlenkamp is playing in the final game of his career, and going out with his brothers and picking up with a win is the only ending that he sees fit. 

“One last game, it’s our senior year, why not go out on top? Just give it everything we got,” Muhlenkamp said. “Why not?”