NORTH CANTON, Ohio– More than 14 percent of Ohioans live with a disability. Census numbers show more people continue to face obstacles securing employment. 

At Whole Latte Love Cafe in North Canton, its opening doors for many who've never had a job before

"People with disabilities are very employable; they just need to be given a chance," said Beth Humbert, Executive Director, Whole Latte Love Cafe.

Humbert is the founder of Whole Latte Love Cafe. It's set to open next year and staffed by highly trained individuals with developmental disabilities.

"The majority of folks we'll be employing have never had jobs before, this is their first job so, the more supportive, the better, to make their first step out of the nest successful," said Humbert.

In Ohio, the Department of Labor shows unemployment numbers at 65 percent for disabled workers. That's higher than the national rate.

"I just think that's a travesty, they want to work just like you and me," said Humbert.

At Whole Latte Love Cafe, employees will learn basic work skills, social skills, and independence.

"Just living with a disability myself, a lot of us are discriminated and you know, we are misjudged, people think we can't do a job just as well so it's almost like raising awareness to the public that yes, even though we may have a disability, we can do a job just as well," said Heather Miklandric, Whole Latte Love Cafe employee.

Miklandric is one of a dozen people who will be employed at the coffee shop. She believes the concept will open up people's hearts.

"Every pastry that will be made is made with love even though we may be a little bit slower at preparing them. I believe it is made with more dedication than maybe a Starbucks."

Each employee will get supported employment and training so they can learn everything from the espresso machine to cooking in the kitchen.

Whole Latta Love Cafe will be a unique cafe, offering more than just your average cup of joe.

"When the cafe opens, I think it brings out more positivity to the group and acceptance because I accept being here," said Lucy Rose, cafe employee.

The cafe is expected to open in April, offering a fresh cup of coffee and a whole lot of love.