BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio– You might’ve seen the show “Dancing with the Stars” but have you seen teachers and students doing it?

That’s what’s happening in Butler County, students, and teachers, taking the stage for a cause.

This is Dancing with the Stars, sort of.

They’re not exactly ballroom dancing, these are not really celebrities, and there’s no professional dancer teaching choreography.

Instead, these are students.

Devin Weist is a Senior at Edgewood High.

“I love acting on stage and just making people laugh on stage.  Whatever college I go to hopefully they have a performing arts area so I can be in a choir maybe,” says Weist.

He’s part of a group called the “Choraliers” - A kind of glee club that sings, dances, and competes.

But this time, they’ll be dressed up in very different costumes.

And the students are being judged on how well they can teach the choreography to their teachers.

For Alaura Brown, the classroom at Edgewood Middle has been her stage for the last eight years.

“I always wanted to be a teacher. That was always the goal, and I don’t know, math, I kinda just fell into it. I feel a lot more comfortable with calculus than dancing,” says Brown.

But she says she made a promise to one of her students that changed everything, at least for one night.

“They’re gonna be the hippies and we’re gonna be the rockers, and we’re gonna have a dance battle,” says Brown.

And a battle it was, each group made up of Edgewood School District teachers and student Chorileirs.  Each was putting on their best performance, for a high score, and that trophy.

The event, a crowd favorite, expected to bring in thousands of dollars that will go to Children’s Hospital, and the to Choralier Scholarship Fund, so students like Devin Weist can win, beyond the school version of Dancing with the Stars.