COLUMBUS, Ohio– For anyone who has lost a loved one, memories of them are never far away, but having something tangible, can help keep them close.

One Ohio entrepreneur is using her creativity to make custom souvenirs to help keep those memories intact for years to come.

Letters that make more than just words, for this business owner.

They make up cherished mementos for her clients, but today's project hits much closer to home.

Alicia Schreiber went from a career in sales to using her creativity fo make custom laser-cut keepsakes at the idea foundry in Columbus.

"This one is actually my grandfather's handwriting; my aunt ordered this for both of my cousins for Christmas," says Schrieber, White Fig Studio Owner.

"I've been kind of learning the ins and outs of the different types of equipment because there's so much different equipment to use, but I just love that it's such a creative space and just brings that energy."

Energy she is using today, to bring her Grandfather's writing back to life.

"It's just from a postcard, a picture of his handwriting that he said, miss you a lot, love judu....and I'm gonna turn it into a sign that they can hang in the house."

For Alicia, it's all about the family.  She left her long-time sales job to spend more time with her children, but still had the itch to work part-time, something she credits her Grandfather for.

"He was such a hard worker. He was a 4th district Cleveland cop, and he had five kids. He was tough, but he was so gentle."

And now, for the first time since he passed, she can feel like he's right there, cheering her on.

"His actual writing..."

A memory she will carry with her and pass along to her children.

"Oh, we were so close; I would've killed for him to have met my kids."

Kids that Alicia gets to go home to, and share this memory with, along with creating new ones for the next generation.

"This is one actually of my sons handwriting that we had hung up in his toy room at home...he wrote me a note one day when he started actually writing a couple of years ago, so I said write Mommy a note, and he wrote I love you Mommy love Preston....and this is exactly how he wrote it."