TRUMBULL COUNTY, Ohio– The smell of fresh clay, old fabrics, and paints fills a dimly lit room.

The space, an art studio overflowing from years spent stockpiling tools, unwanted items, and dust, is the workshop of Gail Trunick, an artist from Trumbull County, Ohio.

Amidst the organized chaos of the secluded studio, Gail spends her days bringing life to the forgotten and discarded objects that she finds throughout the state.

Inspired by a hardworking single mother and influenced by the tragedies in her life, Gail’s work is the culmination of fond memories and life’s troubled times. As the daughter of a potter, she developed her passion for art at an early age and has always considered herself an artist. It’s in her blood. 

The startling images found around the room have been described as different, sweet, funny, unique, scary, and the stuff of nightmares. Love it or hate it, more than anything else, Gail hopes that her work evokes an emotional reaction and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.