AKRON, Ohio — Planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive, and the pressure to have the biggest, most lavish wedding is growing.

  • The average cost of getting married in the U.S. is more than $38,000
  • A pop-up wedding costs $5,000
  • All you have to do is select your day, venue, and colors, and the designers handle the rest

In 2019, it’s all about Instagram-worthy weddings, but those perfectly staged photos can cost you a fortune.

"How much people spend on weddings is off the charts," said Amy Vartenuk, owner of Rough Diamond Studios.

The average cost of getting married in the United States is more than $38,000.

According to Wedding Wire, 28 percent of couples go into debt to pay for it.

"We want to try to keep the total cost under what a lot of photographers costs," said Vartenuk.

Vartenuk and Jes Tierney own Rough Diamond Studios in Akron. They've already made a name for themselves in Northeast Ohio, staging vacant real estate properties.

Now they're taking their designs to the altar, offering pop-up weddings.

"We want it to be affordable, we want people to know that they can afford it and not go bankrupt or think they can't do something like that," said Tierney.

A pop-up wedding is an intimate wedding, gorgeously styled and one of the most affordable ways to plan your big day.

Here's how it works; you pick an open date and venue from their calendar, put down a deposit, select a wedding mood and color palette, and they'll handle the rest.

"You show up dressed and ready and everything else is up to us," said Tierney.

The wedding will cost you about $5,000 and without the stress.

Light refreshments, music, flowers and a photographer will be provided.

The event is two hours with 25 of your closest family and friends.

"The concept needs to be intimate in order to work. We’re bringing back that authenticity and simplicity, but we’re doing it with a very modern and fun twist," said Vartenuk.

Vartenuk and Tierney plan to do three weddings in one day, which gives them just a few hours to set up each one.

They focus on the little details that gives couples the Instagram-worthy wedding they've always dreamed of, on a dime.

"Anybody should be able to have the big amazing wedding that they want. I can’t wait to see couple’s faces when they realize it’s more than they dreamed of," said Vartenuk.

To book your next pop-up wedding, vow renewal or event staging, visit their website.