COLUMBUS, Ohio—It's been nearly 2 months since more than a dozen tornadoes ripped through the Dayton area.

However, those affected are still dealing with the devastation.

Many of them now experience post-traumatic stress disorder​.

Spectrum News 1’s Sophia Constantine sat down with Dr. Michael Sherr, professor of social work at Cedarville University, to help shed light on PTSD and how it’s affecting those impacted. 

According to Sherr, when there’s extreme stress, our bodies release adrenaline that helps us deal with the stress right away, refocus, and then move on.

But in those experiencing PTSD, changes occur in parts of the brain where neurotransmitters get saturated, requiring them to be medically treated.

Sherr suggests that if loved ones are experiencing nightmares or avoid going outside or in public, they should be encouraged to undergo PTSD assessment.

He says having a support system is important, in that it can prevent the need for professional help and treatment.