COLUMBUS, Ohio—The hustle and bustle of downtown Columbus can really marsh your mellow. 

But in this unique confectionary, owner and founder Michelle Allen has made it her mission to create marshmallows and decadent treats that satisfy your sweet tooth—without the guilt. 

  • Treats are made with simple, pure ingredients 
  • Founders learned the art of “clean candy” while living in Spain
  • Also offer baked goods, espressos, teas and homemade syrups

"We recognize that there is this complicated relationship with sugar...we're not using nasty sugar substitutes...we don't have any sugar-free option, per say, for that reason, but we have figured out a way to have low-sugar and low-glycemic products...that's part of being a modern confectionary,” said Allen. 

Modern, meaning they are catering to a wide audience. 

Always having vegan, gluten-free, and low-sugar options on the menu. All made with simple pure ingredients—non-GMO and 100% junk-free. 

"It all starts with the food and with using real food items to make sweet food,” said Allen. “The confectionary in particular is so full of kind of using...there's these kind of shortcuts that are taken where extracts replace the use of a real fruit...and all the recipes...everything that is here is designed around real food,” said Allen.

The "real food" inspiration came from Michelle and her husband Paul living in Spain for 12 years. 

There they learned the art and joy of "clean candy.”

"An idea that's rooted in even sweet foods should still be food,” said Allen. “It's not junk, it's not throw-away's still something to be enjoyed and experienced."

But it all began with what was once known as a confection for kings.

"It started with marshmallows and then just looking at all the ingredients in marshmallows and being like, we'll get rid of that, get rid of that...that doesn't need to be there, and reworking some basic chemistry on some of the recipes so that mine don't have...well, we don't have any high fructose syrup… we won't have any corn syrup in this shop!" Allen said.

They've now expanded their palette to include baked goods, espressos, teas and homemade syrups. 

With aspirations to spread Mmelo— with two "m's" —across the state of Ohio.

"I would love for Mmelo to be the premier...premier confectionary. I mean, I really am gunning to do world-class confections," said Allen.

And the name? 

"Paul would notice when people eat it, that would be the sound they'd make...they'd go mmmm... they'd make this sound and it just kind of grew out of that, and Mmelo, that's where there's the two m's," said Allen.

Beyond their day-to-day customers, Mmelo also offers catering for corporate events, workshops, and weddings. 

If you'd like to learn more about the confectionary shop, you can visit their website.