COLUMBUS -- A growing number of Americans are stretching into the practice of yoga and the top reasons are to calm the mind and to increase flexibility.

There is a group of yogis in our state that are also using it to shed their inhibitions and their clothes.

Yoga is all about becoming one with your mind and your body, but some people believe practicing in clothes is a bit restrictive.

They believe they can enhance their practice and shed any body-image issues by practicing nude.  

Michael Lange teaches for Central Ohio Nude Yoga for Men​, which is as it sounds: men's-only nude yoga classes.

Classes are in the Grandview neighborhood of Columbus. 

He came here from Germany a little over 20 years ago where he was already practicing nudity or naturism. 

So he joined a like-minded group of men in Columbus called CONGA, or Central Ohio Naturist Guy Alliance

That would later evolve into him getting certified to teach yoga and people in the group asking him to start nude classes for men. 

There are, of course, going to be questions from outsiders. 

"The answer is no, there is no sexual activity going on," he explains.  "Naturism in general is social nudity without sexual activity.  Though it's an all-male class, it's not an all-gay class.  So we welcome people of all sexual orientations."

They also welcome all levels, ages above 18, and body types.  

But don't think these types of classes are common. 

As far as Michael knows of, there are only a handful of other studios that offer mens, womens, and co-ed nude yoga classes