CLEVELAND— Cleveland Street Artist Glen Infante is using bold colors and celebrity characters to create his unique art.

The native Clevelander, whose collections hang in the city’s Red Space Gallery, expresses his creativity through platforms that include paintings, murals, digital illustrations and clothing.

“I guess what makes my work a little unique is that I like to utilize all colors, but I like to use bold colors, and my work is predominantly, is like colored base and there’s only a few colors in each piece,” said Infante. “I don’t try to use a lot of colors on one piece… I try to have a main color that’s more focused on the piece.”

Infante’s pop-style art is often distinguishable by his inclusion of donuts in pieces that showcase favorite characters from his childhood.

And, on the corner of West 25th Street and Washington, you’ll find the giant mural of Prince holding a pink donut.

For the artist, adding donuts to his pieces gives a nod to his humble beginnings.

“The donuts actually represent the very first shirt that we had done, was the Delonte West donut and that was our first shirt we ever made, and it’s the reason we even have a brand and that kinda jump-started my career, and every time I add a donut to my art pieces that’s paying homage to the beginnings of my career,” said Infante.

Infante is also popular for some of the shirts he designs and sells, like the one of Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield and the team’s newest sensation, Odell Beckham Jr.

In 2009, he founded the clothing brand “iLTHY,” which means, “I love the hype.”

“In iLTHY fashion, ya know, I did what our main staple stuff is which cartoons and portrait drawings and quick we tried to render something up for everybody to love and everyone ended liking the stuff so I’m pretty happy with that,” said Infante.

“He started iLTHY,” his street wear clothing company, and became really know for this type of work, and when we opened up our gallery it was a natural thought, we need to have Glen’s work here… it’s colorful, it’s vibrant, it’s relevant, he really does an incredible job of creating this work that is very very topical for whatever is going on in pop culture and society at the moment and we wanted to share that with our guests,” said Red Space Owner Jon Gadd.

Infante’s works are displayed at Red Space Gallery. His clothes and paintings can be found on