COLUMBUS—373,000 square feet of new cars, trucks, SUV's, motor cycles and plenty of fun for the whole family.

Including a performance simulator from Ford, giving consumers the thrill and action of live world class GT racing.

There are Military vehicles from Motts Military Museum in Grove port, Luxury brands, Classic cars that span generations and a vehicle giveaways and even ride and drives.

“You can use the truck as intended, off road, get better fuel economy out on the highway from not having that high ride height, as well as better handling. You can make a full size truck like this handle very much like a sedan,” says Driver & Product Specialist representing Ram Pickup Trucks, Nate Pace. 

New technology is certainly the buzz at this year's Columbus International Auto Show.

“The new safety features on a lot of these vehicles that are starting to come standard is pretty awesome, with the blind spot detection, you've got cameras pretty much every surface of the vehicle. Whether its a sedan, that sedan is getting a little bigger and it's now a crossover and you've got the small SUV, the large SUV, the trucks, everything is just getting a little bigger,” says Auto Show Director Kelly Danison. 

GMC continues to tout its innovative multi pro tail gate, operated via touchpad—which is standard in its trucks. And you have the options to add water proof bluetooth speakers, a sure fire fan favorite for tailgate events.

Truck manufactures are also focusing on ease of access for consumers.

“Our running boards even. Power come right in and out the side of the vehicle, we can even lower down the vehicle down far enough when the running boards extend, you can get about one foot off the ground so it makes it a lot easier for folks to get in and out, especially if you run into mobility issues,” says Pace. 

More interior storage space, rear cameras and large touch screen displays are also starting to become standard across the board in new trucks.

And the 2019 Columbus International Auto show runs from Thursday to Sunday. Admission is $12 for adults, $8 dollars for seniors, and $6 for students with valid ID, and $6 for kids 10 or older. 

Visit the website for more information.