Although election changes are coming to Ohio, there are a number of organizations who are concerned about the negative impact of those changes.

Deacon Nick Bates with Hunger Network Ohio shared with Mike Kallmeyer what he sees troubling about the HB 458 bill.

"As people of faith we are called to love our neighbor.... the way we love people is by listening to them, hearing what people have to say especially those who might not otherwise be heard in our communities," he said.

Bates addressed the concern of voter fraud and said several reports and comments from leaders in Ohio show that we already have safe and fair elections in the state.

"We've made a lot of progress since 2004 in Ohio in helping to strengthen our election integrity because part of an election with integrity means that all voices and votes are counted and all people who are registered have access to the ballot."

Bates explained to Kallmeyer that there is a cost of time attached to obtaining the photo ID for voting and there are barriers to access even though the physical card is free.