CLEVELAND — Motherhood is often a thankless job, but this Mother’s Day, a Cleveland woman is making sure all moms feel loved.

What You Need To Know

 “I feel like the community needs love,” said Tyra Jackson, founder of The Caring. “And with love, that does a lot. It makes a lot of changes.”

Jackson understands the sacrifices most moms make. 

“We do so many hats,” she said. “Taking care of the kids, cooking, washing, making sure they do their homework . . . and they just need to be shown that we love them so much.”

Jackson and volunteers with The Caring prepared more than 150 gift bags filled with donated items for moms in the Kinsman neighborhood to show appreciation for those thankless efforts. 

Gifts were distributed drive-through style at Pastor Kennedy Lockhart’s The Church C.O.G.I.C. as a way to show love to the community.

It's the same community Jackson’s mom, Toni Renee, loved. Honoring her every step of the way. 

“It means so much to me, I truly appreciate it,” Jackson said. “I love the community so much. And actually, my mom did the same thing, so I’m like following in her footsteps.”

Moms like Erika Anderson are thankful for the support. 

“A mom’s job is never done, regardless of when they’re babies or into adulthood,” she said. “And it gives me hope to let me know I’m not in this alone.”

She has three little ones at home. 

“It truly takes a village,” Anderson said. “Not only to raise a child but uplift a mother.”

The gifts served as a reminder that there’s someone who cares. 

“It’s a special thing that they (The Caring) do, you know,” Barbara Jones said. “They help out in the community.”

“Yeah, and we need more of that going on,” Paula Willingham said.

To learn more about The Caring and help those in need, click here to visit their Instagram page @The.Caring.