The Republican Senate primary in Ohio saw the most money ever spent on a race for an open Senate seat in the Buckeye State, and a cutthroat race for the attention and approval of former President Donald Trump — a stark difference from the campaigns of George Voinovich and Rob Portman. However, Gov. Mike DeWine was the victor in the gubernatorial primary, looked at as a member of the “country club conservatives,” despite receiving less than half the cast votes.

Curtis Jackson speaks with Gary Abernathy, a conservative columnist, to discuss where the GOP appears to be headed in Ohio.

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Our political system can feel like a complicated and gridlocked machine that we have little ability to influence. The truth is, you CAN change things when you know how. Enter Spectrum News 1 Anchor Curtis Jackson, who brings to the table decades of experience covering political news and events. Join him for meaningful conversations with decision-makers that will give you the tools you need to make your voice heard on the most important issues we face in Ohio.

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