General Election Date
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2020 Presidential Election

We are just a little over a month away from the presidential election on Nov. 3 between Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. With the pandemic looming in the background, voters may have questions about how they can vote. This year, in-person and early voting are the same as 2016. Absentee ballots/mail-in ballots must be requested and turned in to your local County Board of Elections. Check our voting guide for any other questions you may have. 

Ohio District Elections 

Along with the presidential election, there will be district elections throughout the state with candidates new and old vying for a seat. To get to know more about the candidates in your district, check out your district below. We'll be covering district elections throughout the month of September. 

4th District

6th District

6th District

7th District

16th District

18th District

19th District

23rd District

28th District

37th District

43rd District

55th District

59th District

60th District

89th District

99th District

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