Akron, OHIO — According to the Nation Institute of Health, there were more than 80-thousand opioid overdose deaths in 2021 and Summit County is partnering with local businesses to bring that number down.

What You Need To Know

  • Summit County health department is installing Naloxboxes in area businesses

  • Nearly 200 boxes have already been installed in the county

  • If you want to get a Naloxbox for your business, call the Summit County health department

“If someone is experiencing an overdose, there are the tools inside that can help that person,” said Maggie Urban-Waala, a public health coordinator for Summit County.

Summit County Public Health is installing Naloxboxes in businesses and county buildings.

“Open up one of these kits and inside we’ve got two Narcan kits. Inside of these kits it two doses of Narcan,” demonstrated Urban-Waala as she opened the box.

Narcan is a medicine that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose. Many times, it can be life-saving.

“Our team at the health department has distributed 188 Naloxboxes throughout Summit County businesses and agencies,” said Urban-Waala.

The newest county building signed up to get a Naloxbox is the Summit County Clerk of Court’s office.

“We’re getting ready to go over to the Summit County Clerk of Courts. I’m the newest clerk. I’m one of the businesses adopting the Naloxbox,” said Tavia Galonski, Summit County Clerk of Courts. S

She said having Narcan available to anyone who might need it has long been a personal goal of hers.

“Over seven years ago, when I was a Juvenile Court Magistrate, I went through the Project Dawn training and would put a small box of the Narcan on my desk and let people know that it was there. When I went onto the Statehouse in 2017, I adopted that same practice,” said Galonski.

Urban-Waala said that any business wishing to have their own Naloxboxes can reach out to Summit County Public Health.

“If a business needs more Narcan. If Narcan is missing from the box or used, the health department will refill that box with more Narcan within 24 to 48 hours of that request,” said Urban-Waala.