CLEVELAND — Franco Kraiselburd is a Case Western Reserve University student and entrepreneur. He’s been invited to pitch his invention at the prestigious SXSW pitch contest.

“Artemis is set to change millions of people’s lives,” Kraiselburd said.

What You Need To Know

  • A Case Western Reserve University student has been chosen to pitch his invention at SXSW

  • The high-tech bandage would allow patients to heal their own wounds

  • The student's invention helps wounds heal using a patient's own stem cells 

Artemis is a high-tech bandage of sorts.

While working in a lab in Brazil at age 14, Kraiselburd witnessed an amputation.

“I wanted to spend my life dedicated, so I never had to see anyone go through something like that again,” Kraiselburd said.

His creation would allow doctors to add a patient’s own blood or stem cells to the bandage, which would help the healing process.

He’s been chosen as a finalist to present at SXSW Pitch, the prestigious competition allows early-stage technology startups to pitch their products to investors.

Kraiselburd spent hours at Case Western’s Thinkbox, a workspace where early-stage companies can network with other entrepreneurs.

“He has a passion for everything he does,” said Michael Goldberg, a professor of entrepreneurship at Case Western and one of Kraiselburd’s mentors.

“I stand on shoulders of giants in everything that I do,” Kraiselburd said. “You can’t do this stuff alone.”

“South by Southwest is a national competition. There’s going to be folks from there from around the U.S. and around the world. I just think it’s great experience, great exposure,” Goldberg said.

Kraiselburd is also the lead vocalist in a band.

“My only critique of Franco is you gotta let others ask questions,” Goldberg joked. “He’s so curious.”

For Kraiselburd, who grew up in Argentina and has loved studying stem cells since middle school, this path is more than just about building a company.

“Patients can finally stop worrying about amputations and wound healing in general,” he said.

As for who he’s going to take to the prestigious competition?

“It’s an honor to bring her to one of the most prestigious accomplishments that this start-up has ever achieved so far and just say ‘Hey mom, we made it,’” Kraiselburd said.