CLEVELAND — Former Cleveland Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones left the political realm 22 years ago and now is featured with world-renowned actor Tom Hanks.

What You Need To Know

  • Peter Lawson Jones was an elected official for 22 years 

  • In 2009, Jones began a career in voice acting and film acting

  • Jones was recently featured in the film, "A Man Called Otto" starring Tom Hanks

  • Jones is holding a red carpet advance screening of the film on Thursday, Jan. 12

For years, Jones was a political name in Cleveland and Washington, D.C.

"I was an elected official for 22 years, so I interacted with a wide variety, a panoply of human beings," Jones said.

Interacting with people on day-to-day was typical for Jones, which is why shortly after his political career, he choose a different path. 

Voice recording and acting would land Jones a supporting role alongside word-renowned actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks.

“Let me say this: (Tom Hanks) is an absolute genius as an actor,” Jones said.

Hanks quickly became a man Jones looked up to.

“Tom Hanks is taking me international, so there's really no finer person you could work with," he said.

Jones is featured in Hanks' newest film, "A Man Called Otto."

“I play Reuben at two different ages and in two very different physical conditions, and so it was a wonderful challenge to play a character two very different points in his life,” Jones said.

It was a challenge, but also a giant victory.

“People are reveling in my good fortune to be in a film with Tom Hanks, to have had my acting career evolve and develop the way that it has," he said.

Jones will be hosting a Special Red Carpet Advance screening of the film on Thursday, Jan. 12 at the Cinemark in Valley View. Proceeds from the event will go toward a foundation created by Jones’s who work to help kids afford a college education. 

For more information on how you can get tickets to the VIP showing, click here.