AKRON, Ohio — Akron Children’s Hospital has expanded one of their busiest departments, rehabilitative services. 

What You Need To Know

  • Akron Children’s Hospital has expanded its rehabilitative services 

  • Rehabilitative services is one of the hospital's busiest departments 

  • The hospital is projecting a 34% increase in rehab visits over the next three years 

The expansion will help children of all ages take part in audiology, speech, occupational and physical therapy. 

Much of the new rehab space comes from the former NICU and by adding 22,000 square feet to the front of the hospital. 

Micah Baird, the medical director for rehabilitation at Akron Children’s Hospital, said the design of this new space, along with all the natural light that shines throughout the area, will provide a positive environment for both staff and patients. 

“It is for children with all sorts of functional needs, based on their diagnosis,” Baird explained. “Whether it’s a congenital one or from an injury or illness. That includes children with autism or cerebral palsy, developmental delays, brain injuries, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, the list goes on.” 

With this space, the hospital expects to expand their access to these critical services by 34%. 

“Having the space allows us to provide evidenced based care for children,” he said. “We have designed it in a way that’s sort of from the eye of the child, the patient.” ​