WASHINGTON D.C. — Anti-abortion organizations across Ohio are excited to see their hard work advocating against abortion finally pay off. But that doesn’t mean they see the work they’re doing is finished.

What You Need To Know

  • The anti-abortion organization, Created Equal, is protesting legal abortions in D.C. after Roe v. Wade was overturned last week

  • Created Equal’s president said there is more work to be done and a long road ahead

  • The organization is welcoming a new group of interns this summer with the D.C. trip

  • The group said it’s a good way to let them apply skills they are learning in classes

Created Equal, a Columbus, Ohio-based organization, set up camp in the nation’s capital. Created Equal President Mark Harrington said the organization is celebrating Roe being reversed, but the job is not finished. 

“In some states and other parts of the country like the District of Columbia here, abortions are still taking place,” Harrington said.

Created Equal is protesting in D.C., but Harrington said there are big issues happening on the home front, too. For example, Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein chose to not prioritize abortion law violations.

“These prosecutors need to be run out of the office,” Harrington said. “They shouldn’t be holding that position. It’s interesting that the abortion advocates love the U.S. Supreme Court when it’s sided with them. But when it doesn’t side with them, they just break the law themselves, which leads to anarchy. I think eventually these folks are going to be taken to task for this and held accountable. And these laws are going to go into effect and they’re going to be enforced.” 

Harrington is welcoming his new staff of interns this week with a trip to Washington at a very volatile time. All to let them gain experience. 

“That’s why we’re on the national mall today,” Harrington said. “We were at the White House, the Supreme Court — just giving them an opportunity to use what they’ve learned in the classroom. It’s going to be a long battle ahead. We’ve got to win hearts and minds in order to do that. They can be a part of that. I’m really excited about the future.” 

To learn more about Created Equal, visit its website.