OHIO — Less than a year ago, a drunk driver crashed into Veronica Stanley-Kurdinat while she drove her step-daughter, Alli Jo Kurdinat, to work.

What You Need To Know

  • A drunk driver killed Alli Jo in May 2021 

  • The crash severely injured her stepmother

  • Her family started a campaign to remind people of the importance of driving sober

The wreck killed 15-year-old Alli Jo and put Veronica in a coma for a month. 

“I was life-flighted from the scene," Veronica said. "I spent approximately six months between the hospital and nursing homes and rehab units and what not. There were a lot of injuries. However, the worst was losing Alli. I mean, the emotional pain, I would go through all of it again 100 times to have her back.”

May 21, 2021, is a day the teenager's father and Veronica's husband, Jack Kurdinat, will never forget. 

“I arrived on the scene, and it looked like a bomb had gone off,” Jack explained. “It was horrific. Horrible.” 

At 15-years-old, Alli Jo’s life was just beginning.

Alli Jo's mother, Heather Armstrong, said the young teen loved to sing and dance, play the saxophone, play pranks on her friends and go shopping.

“She was my daughter," Armstrong said. "She was my best friend, my ride or die, for sure.” 

Now, the family is making sure Alli Jo is never forgotten.

“I want them to remember what a beautiful person she was,” Armstrong said. “Her corkiness, she was just random, and I just want people to know we love her.” 

They started a campaign to raise awareness of driving sober. 

“We lost Alli to a drunk driver, and we don’t want any other family to ever go through what we have been through,” Veronica said. “A piece of our hearts are missing forever.” 

The family will hand out hundreds of yard signs with Alli Jo’s face on them with the words “drive sober” written across the top. 

“We want them to be in every yard that will possibly have one,” Veronica said. “We want people to learn that it is not OK to drink and drive. Our kids are out there. Our families are out there,” 

You can pick up a sign Monday at Bishman Park in Norwalk from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The family is also planning to have several billboards put up around their community and are creating an Alli Jo Kurdinat Memorial Scholarship Fund. 

You can make a donation to the fund during the sign give-away or reach out to the family via Facebook.