COLUMBUS, Ohio — Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams said it's returning its “wildly popular” but “divisive” everything bagel ice cream flavor to scoop shops March 21. 

The flavor includes cream cheese ice cream with a sesame, poppy seed, onion and garlic streusel. 

The everything bagel flavor has been among Jeni’s seasonal repertoire since 2014, but it’s 2021 release of the flavor drew debate on social media, Jeni’s said. 

“It's perhaps a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence that any dish, let alone an ice cream, creates such a stir,” Jeni’s said in its announcement. “Even rarer still is a flavor that shocks-and-awes and delivers on its promise to be delicious. Because you can argue the merits of whether or not this flavor should exist — actually, Jeni's is hoping that you do! But no one can — or did — dispute that the ice cream tastes exactly like an everything bagel with cream cheese.”

Jeni’s has eight Columbus-area locations and one in the Cleveland area.