LORAIN, Ohio — Get your engines ready. A northeast Ohio city will soon be home to a racing complex and a whole lot more.

What You Need To Know

  • Many famous race car drivers started their careers in karting

  • Karting is usually done on scaled-down race courses

  • Most karts go up to 55mph, and superkarts can reach higher speeds

Kris McCrone is the owner of McCrone Motorsports.

“Our main entrance is going to be over here, right on Root Road,” said McCrone. 

Last week, the Lorain City Council approved a letter of intent for the sale of 204 acres, which will become a kart racing complex. 

“We saw it as an opportunity to take a piece of land and reclaim it, repurpose it and bring it back to life to kinda ignite something new in the city of Lorain,” said McCrone.

Racing is in McCrone’s blood. He and his brother both raced when they were younger.

Now, McCrone’s passion for the sport has been rekindled.

“We raced while I was younger, all the way up till about my early 20s, and then my dad passed away relatively suddenly, and the dream of motorsport left my heart for a long time. A few years ago, my kids saw some pictures (and) the dream was ignited again with them,” said McCrone.

McCrone has fond memories of kart racing with his father. He believes his project will provide more than just entertainment to the area.

“We are looking for opportunities to work with the kids and the youth, the fatherless community in Lorain and kinda help them and mentor them and guide and teach them skills around motorsports and give them an opportunity inside their own town for work as well,” said McCrone.

Groundbreaking on the kart racing complex will begin in April and the track will be up and racing by the summer of next year. ​