CLEVELAND — Cuyahoga County Council approved on Tuesday its portion of a plan that will fund renovations to Progressive Field, which will help keep Cleveland’s MLB downtown through 2036. 

What You Need To Know

  • Cuyahoga County Council approved its portion of the Progressive Field renovation project

  • The deal provides more than $8 million annually over 15 years

  • The city is also expected to vote on its portion in the coming weeks

  • The deal between the county, city and team would keep MLB in Cleveland through 2036

The county has agreed to provide more than $8 million annually for 15 years. 

The agreement would involve a public investment of $19 million over the next 15 years to renovate and improve Progressive Field.

While the total investment in Progressive Field would cost the Indians and public $435 million, $202 million will go toward improving the ballpark.

The county will be responsible for providing over $8 million annually. The county says that $3 million a year from the county’s bed tax, $2.5 million from the sin tax and over $2.5 million from the general fund. 

In addition to the county, the city would provide over $8 million and the state would add $2 million a year, if approved. Altogether, the public sector will pay for two-thirds of the project. The Indians will pay for the rest of the improvements, upkeep and any overages.

Cleveland City County is continuing having discussions on the city’s portion of the agreement.