CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Foundation gave Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and Cleveland State University (CSU) $3.1 million to continue their efforts to establish technology hubs in Northeast Ohio. The two hubs will focus on community and technology, and industry and technology.


What You Need To Know

  • Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University are partnering to create technology hubs in Northeast Ohio

  • The hubs will be possible because of a $3.1 million grant from the Cleveland Foundation

  • The technology hubs will focus on community and technology, and industry and technology

"Technology is here to stay," said Shilpa Kedar, co-executive director of the Internet of Things Collaborative. She warns if companies, businesses and schools don't embrace technology and adapt it, it could hurt the communities more than people think.

Internet of Things (IOTC) involves data-capturing devices.


With IOTC, CSU and CWRU will collaborate on research programs, cross-registered courses and community stakeholder engagement. The overall goal is to strengthen research and job prospects for students.

Kedar said integrating technology into industry and community is the goal of the IOTC.
"(It's) for the benefit of the residents. The people that live in our cities, in our neighborhoods, in our communities. If we are not using technology to provide government services, to provide nonprofit services, then we are not doing justice to the potential of technology," said Kedar.

As part of integrating technology into Northeast Ohio industry, IOTC partners with manufacturing companies to help them with technology and data related to their business.

"To put it in context, to drive insights we're looking at, web graphics as well as augmented virtual reality and other forms like that," said Nick Barendt, the co-executive director of the (IOTC).

Rafter Equipment is just one of the businesses IOTC partners with. They helped the company build tools through data analytics to help with their business.

"We can accelerate our innovation into this space. We don't have expertise in data analytics and algorithms nor do we have expertise in vibration analysis. The iotc has that expertise. And so it allows us to really augment what we do in our expertise on the mechanical side to push into this area of data analytics and information that provides actual information to the customer," said Thomas Eaton, the president of Rafter Equipment.