Mike visits with Matt Fisher, Vice President of the Lake Erie Foundation to talk about his group's efforts to preserve Ohio's Great Lake.

"I think right now, in the last two years, we've put together some initiatives that are heading in the right direction,” Fisher said. “When you talk about 50 years ago, with Saving Lake Erie and some of the issues that happened in the late 60s, early 70s, those were higher hurdles to clear than what we think we have now. This can be cured, not in one year, but probably in two or three or four years.

"We are working with Ohio State, Heidelberg, Toledo University, Bowling Green, Kent State and National Wildlife Federation to initiate a program where resources will be directed to one sub-watershed to prove that practices work. We want it to pass the Ohio General Assembly and feel it is a strong way to demonstrate what would work and what would not.  We also would learn how much it would cost to implement across the state."