It seems for the second year in a row, we haven’t had to use our snow shovels hardly at all.

What You Need To Know

  • February is running low on snow again

  • Temperatures have been mild for most of the month

  • A snowstorm on Friday, Feb. 16, made a little dent in our deficit

  • Toledo is looking at the least snowy February on record

Last year was the least snowy year on record for Columbus and Cincinnati.

One other Ohio city is on track for that record this year.

Feb. 2024 has more than last year, but we are way behind thanks to abnormally mild temperatures for most of the month.

Right now, Cleveland’s average temperature is 6 degrees above normal.

Even though on Friday, Feb. 16, we had some very impressive one-day snow totals in parts of central Ohio, the snowfall for Columbus sits at 4.4 inches.

Cincinnati only has 2.3 inches, with Cleveland coming in at a mere 3.3 inches.

A normal February snow for Cleveland is 15.1 inches.

Here are the other average snowfall numbers for the month.

Feb. 2024 is likely going to be the least snowy on record for Toledo.

Record keeping for Toledo began in 1891.

Not even a half inch of snow has fallen, but it’s close to the current top spot of 0.5 inches in 1987.

Looking at temperatures trending for the last week of the month, accumulating snowfall is not likely.

Feb. 2024 will again be a month known more for 60s than snow.

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