Picture this, a classic spooky scene: a full moon on Friday the 13th. However, it’s not as common as you might think.

This year, the September full moon is known as the Harvest Moon, because it’s the full moon occurring closest to the autumnal equinox. And according to NASA, the moon will appear full from Thursday night through Sunday morning, and reaching its peak on September 14 in Ohio at 12:33 am (eastern). Close enough, right?!

Beyond the superstitions, there hasn’t been a full moon occurring on Friday the 13th since October 13, 2000, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. And it’s another long stretch until the next on August 13, 2049, another 30 years! Typically it’s on average every 20 years the two coincide.

So don’t forget to look up and enjoy the rare combination of a spooky full moon actually on Friday the 13th this week!