IOWA — Like in many previous election cycles, health care is a central part of the debate in the 2020 election. A flood of policy proposals are making an already-confusing industry that much harder to understand, but a Democratic doctor in rural western Iowa is trying to provide clarity for caucusgoers and candidates. He also explains how much of a factor health care is in who his patients are going to support.

Battleground 2020: Iowa. What the First Caucus Could Mean for the Rest of the Heartland

After Spectrum Washington bureau reporters Taurean Small and Taylor Popielarz completed their Battleground 2020 series last June, it became clear that a chapter two was warranted. This story is part two of a new four-part series focusing in on all the attention Iowa gets in presidential election years and trying to figure out what the results of the first caucus could mean for the rest of the Heartland.