It's official. Ohio has tied its record for most tornadoes in a year, and it's only June. That record was 62, set back in 1992.

Here's the breakdown on how we got there, month by month.


The National Weather Service has confirmed at least nine tornadoes touched down in Ohio on Tuesday, Feb. 28. The severity of these ranged from EF0 to EF2.


At least nine tornadoes touched down on Thursday, March 14, which killed three people and injured at least 25 across Ohio. Those tornadoes ranged from EF1 to EF3. A landspout tornado was confirmed in Putnam County as an EF0 on Tuesday, March 5. 


The National Weather Service confirmed 11 tornadoes touched down Tuesday, April 2. The severity of these tornadoes range from EF0 to EF2. Later that month, on April 17, 5 tornadoes ranging from EF0 to EF1 also touched down.


The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed at least 19 tornadoes touched down in several areas of Ohio during the Tuesday, May 7 storms. Tornadoes hit several counties in west-central and southern Ohio, as well as Jefferson County near the Pennsylvania line.

A few days earlier, on May 4, an EF0 was confirmed in Mercer County.

An EF-0 tornado touched down in Portage County on Saturday, May 11.

Another EF0 tornado touched down touched down in Carroll County on Saturday, May 18.

AN EF1 tornado touched down in Jackson County on Sunday, May 26.


Finally, the National Weather Service has confirmed four tornadoes touched down on Wednesday, June 5. Three of these were rated as EF0. The other, which touched down in Frazeysburg, has damage consistent with an EF2 rating.