DAYTON, Ohio — Career Deciding Day at Sinclair Community College has helped dozens of students explore different career opportunities. But this year, it is doing even more by connecting people in the community with in-demand jobs. 

What You Need To Know

  • Sinclair Community College hosted its annual Career Deciding Day

  • The event is to help job seekers and students explore different opportunities and help fill in-demand jobs

  • Jeffrey North is a business management student who attended the event to find out the job opportunities available in the field

  • He graduates in the fall and after attending the event he said he feels more confident

Business management major Jeffrey North made it his mission to attend Career Deciding Day. That’s because he’ll be graduating soon but isn’t sure what he’ll do afterward. 

“I feel the whole world revolves around business and the world is ever-changing,” said North. “I felt like there were many opportunities in the business world.”

The Sinclair Community Business and IT table was one of the first places he checked out. There, he learned more about the many opportunities available in the business field. 

“It helped me to identify what jobs are out there in the job market in terms of what it is I want to potentially do next as a career,” he said. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in April 428,000 jobs became available, making the unemployment rate 3.6%, which is the lowest it’s been since the start of the pandemic. 

While the unemployment rate may be low, Sinclair Community College Senior Vice President Kathleen Cleary said they’ve found that there are many jobs available but now enough qualified people to fill in-demand jobs like nursing, aviation mechanics and advanced manufacturing.

“Sinclair is leading a program called Ohio to Work which is funded by Jobs Ohio to help get more people an awareness of those in-demand jobs and get them connected to training quickly to be able to fill those in-demand jobs that lead to good wages and a long and successful career,” said Cleary. 

North was one of more than a dozen job seekers and students to attend the event, and as he prepares for graduation in the fall, he said he feels more prepared to start his career.

“I’m definitely feeling more confident and optimistic about various opportunities in business management,” he said.