CINCINNATI — The Bengals are just one win away from the Super Bowl, which is why team members from the 1989 team — the last to go to the Super Bowl for the Bengals — are getting together to recreate their Who Dey music video.

It’s a familiar chant for Bengals fans, one that gained popularity back in 1989 when these seven players made a music video ahead of appearing in the Super Bowl.

What You Need To Know

  • The Who Dey music video was made in 1989 with some of the Bengals greats that led the team to the Super Bowl that year

  • Now that the team is in the AFC Championship for the first time since then, the players came together to remake the video

  • The players hope that if the team makes it to the Super Bowl that they will put their own spin on it

  • All proceeds of the video will go to the Marcus Martin Foundation in honor of Bengals wide receiver Mike Martin's son who dies of a pulmonary embolism

And now that the Bengals are one win away from the big game, these former players are back together again, to recreate the iconic music video.

“Our love for one another has never wavered since we played and went to the Super Bowl back in 1989," said, Mike Martin a wide receiver for the Bengals in the 80s.

Martin said he’ll never forget when that video debuted.

“When it came on TV, I was like wow we have a video on TV!" he said. "And they’re still playing it to this day!”

Ickey Woods, most known for his standout rookie season and the Ickey Shuffle, said he has fond memories making that video.

“We had so much fun, drinking a few beers and just kicking back and they gave you a line, you said your line and we were in the studio and we were rocking and having a great time," Woods said. "It’s just been wonderful just to see the city alive again.”

While the video is a tribute to the past, it’s also a passing of the torch of sorts to this young team.

“These young guys, they’re gonna go out and we’re going to pass the torch to them, give them the energy what they need to do in order to win," Martin said.

Martin said he’d love to see the current team make their own spin on it.

“I know for a fact that they definitely want to do something because I’ve heard they’ve seen the old video and they said man we want to do one," Martin said. "But in order to do one, you got to get to the big game.”

The remix video has an extra special meaning to Martin, with all proceeds going to the Marcus Martin foundation in honor of his son who died of a pulmonary embolism. 

“My son was the biggest Bengals fan ever," he said. "I told him if the Bengals ever went to the Super Bowl that we are going. So if the Bengals go to the Super Bowl, I’m taking him with me.”

For Martin, Woods and the others, they’re excited to see the fans so hyped up and the city backing the Bengals when it was least expected.

“Most of us didn’t even expect them to be where they are now so this is a plus for us," Woods said. "I personally only had them winning like seven to eight games and they showed me up and now they’re in the AFC championship game. And I’m so happy I wasn’t right."

The Who Dey Remix video comes out on Friday and can be viewed on Power Me Media’s Facebook and Instagram pages as well as the players' social media.