Every Thursday afternoon, the Ohio Department of Health releases updated COVID-19 cases involving students and staff. The Department of Health says weekly case counts include full-time or part-time students and staff members who have tested positive or been diagnosed with COVID-19. Staff members include teachers, administrators, support staff and coaches, the state says. 

On Jan. 20, schools reported a record 20,587 new COVID-19 cases among students and 4,030 among staff. Last week, schools reported to the state a record 16,704 new COVID-19 cases among school students and 4,712 new COVID-19 cases among staff. 

Since the start of the school year, there have been 154,047 cases among students and 33,047 cases among staff.

The state of Ohio will next update its dashboard on Jan. 27. 

Spectrum News will continue to track the rates of COVID-19 among students as more data continues to be released by the state health department.










Use this dashboard to track COVID-19 cases throughout the state.