FREMONT, Ohio — There have been plenty of negative headlines about the U.S. Postal Service over the years, but one mail carrier has found a unique and positive way to change that perception.

What You Need To Know

  • Sonny Workman is a city mail carrier in Fremont

  • Workman has started writing children’s books called “Mailman Sonny”

  • Workman hopes to spread positivity about mail carriers while inspiring the next generation

  • As a mail carrier for six years, Workman has gotten to know the streets of Fremont like the back of his hand

“I’ll be out to eat for dinner or at a party or something like that and somebody will say their name and I’ll be like ‘Hey, 1521 Oakmont! That’s where you live,’” said Workman. 

After almost 30 years in a different career, Workman’s sister, who is a mail carrier, introduced him to a new profession that fit him like a glove.

“I love being outside, being a runner, athletic person, so I thought I wouldn’t mind the elements, you know, the rain, snow and all that, so I thought it really fit me and I love talking to people,” said Workman. 

While he loves his job, he couldn’t help but notice the negative headlines towards the postal service, and wasn’t just going to ignore it.

“What’s something I can do to change that perception,” he said. “We all can perform on our own platform, and I believe one person can change the world so I’m just going to do what I can do, and I thought I can either sit back and just let it happen or I can do something about it, so I started writing the books.”

So inside a downtown Fremont store, Sonny showed off how he got to writing.

“I’ve always loved just drawing and writing stuff, and so it just came together,” he said.

Workman began writing children’s books called “Mailman Sonny.” The books star himself, and feature characters inspired by members of his family and community.

“Here’s some of the restaurants that I stop to, breakfast at Whitey’s, Tim’s always has a good burger,” he explained.

Sonny recently welcomed families to sign autographs, take pictures and read to the kids.

J’na and Jermel are some of his loyal customers.

“My favorite part about it is the pictures,” they said.

The venture is a family affair. Workman enlisted the help of his daughter, Courtney Workman, a kindergarten teacher who helps out with proofreading and spreading Mailman Sonny’s positive message.

“I hope that they learn the joy of reading and just to get out there and get to know their community better than they think they know,” said Courtney Workman.

As Sonny continues to tell stories of hometowns like Fremont, he hopes that the mail carrier’s adventures inspire the next generation.

“That every community has great people there on every street, every corner, every house there’s a good story,” he said. “And that’s what we’re hoping we’re going to bring out and maybe inspire some kids to be an attorney, doctor, dentist or maybe even a mail carrier.”

A mail carrier, not just delivering mail, but valuable life lessons.