MAYFIELD, Ohio — A time capsule from the '70s just got its lid popped off.

What You Need To Know

  • The Mayfield High School community buried a time capsule in 1970

  • Old magazines, newspapers and a cassette tape were inside
  • They plan to fill it back up this year and leave it hidden for future students

“Today is just about celebrating the traditions of Mayfield High School," Principal Jeff Legan said. "We have the class of 1970 here, 51 years ago they create a time capsule and they’re here just to celebrate and just see what they put in there. No one remembers."

The class of 1970, along with other alumni and current students, returned for the surprise.

In the capsule, they found an old cassette tape and different magazines and newspapers.

Legan said it's interesting to see how times have changed.

"Just with regards to technology, we thought we were going to see an 8-track in there," he said. "So just from the idea of music and streaming it now, and we really don’t have newspapers that people read in hand.”

They plan to fill it back up again soon.

“We’re going to talk to our kids about what they think we should put in this time capsule, which will be opened up hopefully 50 years from this weekend around Labor Day," he said. "I’m really curious what the kids think represent them as individuals.”

So, 50 years from now, a whole new group of alumni might be looking back on what is happening now.