CINCINNATI — A vacation isn't the only way to get away. One Ohioan said the joy found in a cool toy may be the perfect escape.

Elliot Werner has made it his mission to bring together the coolest toys on Earth for toy lovers of all ages to enjoy.

The father of four began collecting and selling go-ped scooters, kites and boomerangs in college.

After working in corporate sales for a few years, Werner decided to start his own business in Cincinnati. Fifteen years later, Werner described his two “Coolest Toys on Earth” store locations as a dream come true.

“This is my passion and it's my hobby,” said Werner. “It's very hard work but I enjoy it and I think it shows in the stores.”

Werner fills the Cincinnati area stores with rare and unique finds. Some of his personal favorites include fly machines which will take customers soaring into the clouds, a giant music box and a bucket of air.

Visitors also will find an endless selection of fidget toys, board games, a sculpture made from 175,000 Popsicle sticks and much more.

“My favorite part about this business is just watching customers reaction when I demonstrate the coolest toys on earth,” said Werner. “Everyone will come in and say wow this is really cool and immediately want to show it off to their friends and family.”

Werner said each item must get the OK from those on the “coolest toys board.”

“I'll give them to my kids,” said Werner. “They are the real test subjects and they will give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down.”

Coolest Toys on Earth has showrooms in Mariemont and Milfod. Rare and unique finds also may be purchased on the store’s online shop.

“Everybody needs toys,” said Werner. “In this day and age with all the craziness in the world, it's nice to just get away but you don't need to go on vacation you can come into coolest toys and just enjoy the coolest toys on Earth it will put a smile on your face.”

More attractions around the state may be found here.