CLEVELAND — Today, there are nine locations of Petitti Garden Centers across northeast Ohio, but it all started 50 years ago in Oakwood Village. The family-owned business bloomed from one man and a dream.

What You Need To Know

  • Petitti Garden Centers has nine locations in northeast Ohio

  • The business is celebrating 50 years

  • All the plants are grown in northeast Ohio

“It’s like a miracle that happens every day,” Angelo Petitti said while walking through his original garden center. “We’re starting things from seed. We’re starting things from a cutting, and when you look at a little seed or a little cutting and then you see what it does become, a big tree or a big flower.”

Petitti is surrounded by beauty every day.

“Bloom magnificently — just a beautiful, beautiful plant to have in your landscape,” Petitti said while holding white carnations.

Petitti is passionate about plants and the happiness they bring people.

“Attention to every little detail. That’s how you achieve this kind of perfection,” said Petitti.

He immigrated to America from southern Italy when he was 16.

“As poor as we were, they really taught you all of what really was important in life," he said.

His uncle first introduced him to gardening.

“One of the things that my uncle instilled in me, all the time was in this country if you work hard you can accomplish anything,” said Petitti.

Petitti Garden Centers actually started as a landscaping business out of a garage on the same property in Oakwood Village, and now the grower is also a retailer that sells needs for an outdoor lifestyle.

“Never thought it would happen — would be that we would be selling all of these household items," said Petitti.

Everything is grown by Petitti's in northeast Ohio.

“The passion really drives that. The passion to be the best of the best at it,” he said. “The only way you’re going to succeed is you have to have total commitment." 

From the start it’s been a true family affair. As the business grew, his children grew up.

“It’s really created a tremendous avenue for them to learn how to work and to learn the value of work,” he said.

Today, his son, AJ, focuses mostly on the retail side of the business, and Petitti tends to the growing.

“From the time he was 6, 7 years old he’s always worked over here his whole life," he said.

Petitti is proud of the family atmosphere they’ve cultivated that extends to the customers and the staff. He credits those relationships with the business’s success.

“I love our people,” he said.

"I’ve been with him for about 10 years and enjoyed every minute of it," said Ken Paschke, Annuals Manager at Petitti Garden Centers in Oakwood Village.

As he reflects on the past and connects back to his roots, Petitti looks forward to another 50 years.

“Constantly building and constantly innovating,” he said.