COLUMBUS, Ohio — Columbus business owner Amanda Caldwell is "baking the world a better place."

What You Need To Know

  • Amanda Caldwell founded Fourteen Twenty Nine in 2017 with the goal of helping human trafficking survivors

  • A portion of the proceeds go to a local organization that supports trafficking survivors

  • Now that her team is expanding, she hopes to start hiring survivors

  • Caldwell plans to open a store front in Columbus sometime this summer

Caldwell founded Fourteen Twenty Nine in 2017, and since then, she's used the dessert-based social enterprise to further her mission of helping local survivors of human trafficking.

Fourteen Twenty Nine serves up a variety of baked goods, including brownies, cookies and cakes. With each item sold, Fourteen Twenty Nine donates a portion of the proceeds to a local organization that supports trafficking survivors.

“I am extremely passionate about helping other women,” said Caldwell. “When I first learned about what trafficking was when I was younger, I felt very called and led to that community.”

When Caldwell is not in the kitchen you'll find her handing out meals, hygiene bags and monetary donations to women in need. As the bakery expands, Caldwell is looking to make a bigger impact.

“Now that we are growing, we are looking to hire survivors on to our team,” said Caldwell. “We would like to take on an employment model where we are able to support them with a living wage and support through counseling services.”

Amanda works closely with The Shining Starz, a nonprofit organization that works to provide relief to trafficking survivors. Hollie Daniels, the organization's co-founder, said the job opportunity at Fourteen Twenty Nine can help survivors escape the cycle of trafficking, addiction and homelessness.

“It will help them acclimate back into society,” said Daniels. “At the same time, it creates an opportunity for broadening awareness.”

Currently, you can buy desserts from Fourteen Twenty Nine on their website. You can also find their items in numerous Columbus-area markets.

Caldwell plans to open a storefront in East Columbus this summer.