COLUMBUS, Ohio –The last two years have been anything but easy for St. Francis DeSales Senior Quintell Quinn.

What You Need To Know

  • St. Francis DeSales Senior Quintell Quinn battles adversity on and off the field

  • Younger brother was killed in 2019 due to a gun accident

  • That same year, Quinn earned first team running back honors

  • This year, team finished regular season at 9-1, despite COVID-19 setbacks

“Last year was really tough going through everything with my brother,” said Quinn.

Quinn’s brother Xavier was killed at his home in 2019 after a cousin discharged a gun he didn’t think was loaded.

Flash forward to this year, and Quinn wasn’t sure he’d even get to play his last year as a stallion.

“Going through the quarantine not knowing if we would have a season.”

But, his team got the green light in august and has been hard at work ever since, being led by head coach Ryan Wiggins - who has been instructing Quinn for the last four years.

“It’s been a lot of fun to watch him grow. I mean, I knew he was good when he got here. He was really talented as a freshman. He got into the lineup as a sophomore, and just watching him play, he would fly around. He was competitive,” said Wiggins.

When the tragedy hit last year, Wiggins says it affected everyone.

“It’s tough, you know, real tough because you know you care for these guys, and his brother was a superstar player, and you know he would have been right there with us, and they would have played side by side, and we just keep leaning on each other.”

It’s a game plan that’s working. Last year the team finished 9-3, with Quinn earning first-team honors as running back. They finished this year’s regular-season at 9-1.

Quinn will continue his football career next year as an Ohio University Bobcat.