COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio Investigative Unit announced Saturday that five establishments across Ohio have been issued citations for violating COVID-19 health orders. The citations include disorderly conduct and after-hours consumption. 

The places cited:

  • Jay's Bar and Grill in Massillon — It received a citiation for after-hours consumption. Agents say they visited the establishment around 11:45 p.m. and saw up to 12 patrons consuming alcohol. The alcohol cutoff time in Ohio is 10 p.m., as ordered by Gov. Mike DeWine.
  • Game on Lakewood — It received a citation for disorderly conduct, meaning no social distancing measures were taken to protect patrons. Agents say they witnessed large groups, and they were unable to move through the place without coming into contact with other patrons. 
  • Avenue Tap House in Lakewood — It also received a citation for after-hours consumption. Agents say when they arrived, the front of the bar was empty and being cleaned, but when they moved to the back, a large group of people were consuming alcohol in front of staff.
  • Fenders in Columbus — It also received a ctation for after-hours consumption. Agents purchased a drink from the on-duty bartender at around 10:40 p.m.
  • Grand Champion North in Columbus — It received a citation for both after-hours consumption and disorderly activity. Patrons were caught consuming alcohol inside the premisis and a permit was not posted in the bar. Agents also reported the staff refused to let them enter after identifying themselves as law enforcement. Most of the people in the bar, both patrons and staff, were not wearing masks. 

The cases will now go before the Ohio Liquor Control Commission where fines or possible suspensions and revocation of liquor permits will be considered.