SPRING VALLEY, Ohio — Since the pandemic hit, first responders and medical professionals have been doing all they can to keep people safe. And that's why the Apple Country Farm Market in Spring Valley is showing its appreciation in a creative way. 

What You Need To Know

  • Saturday was Apple Country Farm Market's opening weekend for the corn maze

  • This year's theme is "Thanks to Our Heroes"

  • The theme is to honor first responders and medical professionals for all their hard work during the pandemic

  • The maze is open Friday to Sunday until Nov. 1

The farm's corn maze is where all the fun begins. It’s more than seven acres, and this year’s theme is called “Thanks to Our Heroes.”

“You hear about all the essential workers and how everyone that's out there on the first line is really taking a risk,” said Marcie Hagler, Apple Country Farm Market managing member.

As a daughter of a former police officer, Hagler says it was important to show her appreciation for first responders.

“Oftentimes, I don’t think they’re given the right credit for all that they’re doing,” she said.

But the theme of this year’s maze isn’t the only thing that’s different. This year, instead of three corn maze games, there’s only one — it’s called “The Day Farmer Joe Went Missing.”

“Someone kidnapped Farmer Joe and the gist of it is to find out which animal was the culprit, what weapon they used to kidnap him with, and where it happened,” said Hagler.

It's a game that many families like the Bernhardts are having fun with. 

“We enjoyed going through,” said Deedee Bernhardt, one maze-goer. “It was easy to find out way back out. But it was fun because they had some spin-the-wheel Simon Says Things in there and the girls enjoyed doing that and they got to clip-pity clop like a horse and growl like a bear and play Marco Polo. It was really fun.”

And that’s exactly why Hagler and her team decided to keep this game for the 2020 fall season. 

“It was the game that we really felt like we could offer and offer it properly, as far as the guidelines — being touchless and not having to touch hole punches throughout the maze,” said Hagler.

Overall Hagler says she’s impressed with opening day and the support they’ve received from the community. 

“People love the theme,” said Hagler. “I’ve had several phone calls of people who said to me I’m not a big maze-goer but I love your theme and I’m going to come out and support it just because of the theme of ‘Thanks to our Heroes.’ So that was great to get positive feedback.”

The maze is open Friday to Sunday until Nov. 1. For more information visit the Apple County Farm Market's website.