COLUMBUS, Ohio — About a dozen states around the nation have started hitting the brakes on reopening after seeing spikes in coronavirus cases.  

Here in Ohio, a new wave of hotspots are popping up all around the southwestern part of the state.

“In Hamilton County the amount of COVID-positive patients has doubled — from a low of 65 on June 11,  to more than 135 this weekend. Very, very concerning,” said DeWine.

New numbers show the coronavirus has once again sunk its talons into pockets of Ohio, with no signs of stopping.

While many states have rolled back bar and restaurant reopenings, in Ohio, the reopening of the economy is a bell that's hard to unring.

“As we’ve seen in Florida and Texas and Arizona, this thing can come back. It’s sending those states in reverse, with business closures, and as we talk to business owners in this state, that’s their worst fear,” said Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted.

So, for now, instead of the government intervening, DeWine hopes this will be a wake-up call for citizens. 

When asked by Specturm News 1 Statehouse Reporter Molly Martinez if there's a threshold in which we begin to reeveluate, DeWine said, "This is a process where we continue to learn, we continue to see what happens in other places, we continue to learn about this virus, so it's not like we can draw... the knowledge continues to evolve and the way we evaluate it continues to evolve."

The governor mentioned that on Thursday, they will be rolling out seven new metrics on how we are going to quantify this virus.