SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio — With the Fourth of July less than a week away, people across the state are coming up with creative ways to celebrate during the pandemic.

What You Need To Know

  • Known for their Christmas and Halloween decorations, Martie and Margie Hall have put up their first-ever July 4 display

  • The Halls spent $1,500 on inflatables and plan to spend more next year

  • They decided to do the display after feeling more patriotic during quarantine

Among them is a northeast Ohio couple who have been married for 50 years. They took a page out of their fall and winter decorating ideas to create a summer display.

Martie and Margie Hall of Sheffield Lake have been decorating their front yard for Christmas and Halloween for decades, but this year they felt very patriotic while isolating at home the last few months.

“With everything going on with (the) COVID virus and the fireworks are canceled—everything is canceled—(Martie) was just like, maybe I'll do some July 4th," said Margie.

“Six weeks ago, buying this stuff off of eBay and Amazon ... to have fun and everything," Martie said.

People drive by honking their horns in support of the Hall’s colorful displays, which makes their home look like Christmas in the summer, but with a patriotic twist.

“And this with Fourth of July, their first year of doing this one, and everyone is already talking about it. And we are so proud to have you as neighbors," said Rosa Gee, Sheffield Lake councilwoman. "You rock. You really do you make a difference for the neighborhood, and you are really doing some wonderful smiles for everybody”

 And while the Halls took the initiative, getting this display off the ground has been a team effort.

“They have been isolating," said Jennifer Gabet, a Sheffield Lake resident. "I’ve been to the store for them a few times, and a couple of neighbors and their families, so it’s good for them to get out and do something patriotic”

The Hall family said they spent $1,500 in inflatables, and they plan on spending even more next year.

“I love doing the decorating and everything, and I love the response I get from the community here and everything when I decorate so that’s just a good time," Martie said.