It’s supposed to be the happiest time of your life planning a wedding. But for many brides and grooms-to-be that planned to get married this spring they’re having to switch up their plans.

  • Once restaurants closed and sporting events canceled, Lauren Gruber and Keith Jordan had to make the difficult decision to postpone their wedding just six days before
  • The couple says they wanted to make sure their guests were comfortable and would rather wait to have everyone there
  • The couple was able to reschedule to the summer with all of their original vendors.

This time of year usually begins busy wedding season. And event centers like the Bell Event Center in downtown Cincinnati usually is busy every single weekend. But they’ve had to reschedule all of their weddings from now until mid may because of the coronavirus.

Lauren Gruber and her fiancé Keith Jordan got engaged about a year ago. And since have planned their perfect wedding day. But what was supposed to be the best day of their lives turned to a difficult decision.

“I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with asking our guests to make that decision," Gruber said. "It’s supposed to be this great day and we didn’t want our guests to be uncomfortable. We wanted to enjoy the day without worrying with other people being uncomfortable.”

The couple was supposed to get married last Saturday. But once sporting events stopped and restaurants closed, they knew they had to postpone their wedding.

“It’s been an emotional roller coaster," Gruber said. "I think I’m still processing a little bit that this is why happens. I think every girl thinks about their wedding day and what that’s going to be like and then o all of a sudden realize that it wasn’t going to happen was difficult.”

“Definitely some stressful days and stressful moments," Jordan said. "But I think my job is to keep her as stress free as possible.”

But Gruber and Jordan wanted to make sure they could still have the day they envisioned, even after canceling it just six days before. The two called all their vendors to find a new date.

“Every single one of them agreed to the new date," Gruber said. "Nobody gave us any push back. And they’re keeping our spring prices. They’ve just bee awesome.”

One of those vendors is the Bell Event Center. The venue actually decided to cancel all weddings through mid May. But luckily, were able to reschedule each couple for later in the year.

“We definitely did not want to cancel," Sarah Hicks the Office Manager for the Bell Event Center said. "We did not want them to go anywhere else so it was very important to us to find them a date that we had open and keep them at the Bell. We were glad to be able to do that.”

Gruber says even though they are passing the time now unmarried and stuck at home, she believes it was the right choice.

“It think a lot of people were relieved to perhaps not have to make that decision," Gruber said.

And now, they’re looking forward to making a new date their wedding anniversary.

“I think by the end of July, everyone’s going to be ready to let loose," Gruber said.

Gruber and Jordan say they feel like it might have been a sign that all their vendors could take on a new day together. They’re now looking forward to July 17.