CLEVELAND, Ohio– Seven couples renewed their vows Thursday, ahead of Valentine’s Day, at the Louis Stokes V-A Medical Center in Cleveland. The Ceremony was held in recognition of National Salute to Veteran Patients Week. 

Jack and Patricia Steinbrick have been married since 1956. But they’ve loved each other even longer, “Especially when my mother loved her so much. Immediately. I knew...because she has that inner warmth,” said Jack. 

Thursday, they said “I Do” once again, 64 years later, “I am committed to you, dear. Thank you for the wonderful life that you’ve allowed me to have,” Jack proclaimed during his vows, “And you’ve been my strength, my love, my courage and you’re the father of my children, and I’m honored to re-marry you,” said Patricia, holding her husband’s hands 

Jack is a patient at the VA. He served in the Army. Today, the couple had two children and two grandchildren. Patricia said she didn’t like Jack at first, but he was persistent, “I just liked everything about him. He was kind, he was so kind, always and loyal and good and I fell for him,” but she says their marriage hasn’t always been easy, “You have your ups and your downs, but we stay shoulder to shoulder and never let each other down.”

Jack says he has a secret, “Is there anybody interested in longevity in marriage? I have a word that I use. Father reminded me of it. I believe in respect. And I believe that everything works and that having respect for one another. And everything comes along longevity, happiness, love,” he said. The pair kissed to seal their vows, and jack raised his fist into the air. 

“I’ve asked God for 68 more years.. humbly. So maybe I’ll be lucky?” Jack said. “maybe you will,” said Patricia.