COLUMBUS, Ohio– The idea of dinner in the dark originated in Europe decades ago and was created by a blind chef. While the concept made its way to the US, a number of restaurants have struggled to keep it going, as there are now less than five across the country. But one restaurateur in Columbus appears to be capitalizing off of it and selling out shows almost every week now. 

  • On Fridays for matinees and dinner
  • Five-course mystery meal
  • $59 per person

It's goggles on and into The Blind Ninja Dinner​ Challenge on this girls' night out for Amanda, Mindy, and Kelly. The challenge is a dinner with a competitive twist minus cell phones and sight, which prompts them to rely on their other four senses and a guide. It's a little unnerving for some, but it's all in fun, as it gives them a chance to spend real time together. It also gives them a chance to create stories you won't see on Facebook but will keep them laughing for a long time.  

As the mystery entree is served and close enough to smell, some struggle to eat because they're not allowed to use their hands, which means it may be a long night. And the same goes for dessert as guests are challenged to eat angel food cake in pudding with chopsticks. Guest Mindy Babcock said eating overall was a little more challenging than expected. "Finding it, just like experiencing it without your eyes. You're so accustomed to eating visually. So, it just heightens your other senses. You could smell your food in a different way." For others like Amanda Sheets, she simply gave up on trying to clean the dessert plate for points. Eating with chopsticks wasn't her thing.

An hour and a half later, the goggles came off, and vision cleared, allowing many to see just how much food made it into their mouth versus on the table. For Kelly White, quite a mess was left behind. "I thought I did really well cause I felt like I ate everything. Apparently, I did not." Although her team didn't win the dinner challenge, they chalked it up as a fun night out to get their weekend started. 

The Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge will cost you $59 dollars per person, which covers a five-course meal. The owner says he is currently working to open up another location in Chicago. To learn more about how you can get in on your own Blind Ninja Dinner Challenge after today, click here.