PORT CLINTON, Ohio — A community that was searching is now a community that mourns, as police say Harley Dilly’s body was found inside a nearby vacant home Monday afternoon.

Pink ribbons surround the home of Harley Dilly and the house where police believe he accidentally died.

“This is a tragic outcome to the case and a tough loss to the community,” said Rob Hickman, Port Clinton police chief. “You talk about people coming together in a time of need, that’s exactly what we saw throughout the community and beyond. I now ask for the same compassion and support as the family and friends begin to grieve.”

Chief Rob Hickman tried to hold back his emotions while taking questions about Dilly.

He says Dilly was found in a chimney. Authorities believe the 14-year-old climbed an antenna tower to the roof of a vacant vacation home just across the street from Dilly's own home.

Hickman had this to say about the family’s state of mind:

“I’m going to try to answer that the best I can. What would your state of mind be if you lost your 14-year-old? I can’t put words into that. Can you? Thank you again.”

Back at the house on Fulton Street, neighbors, including, Greg Gerber, are still trying to process the tragic outcome. 

You know, everybody came together, and we all had hope for the best and unfortunately, it’s just a very sad day,” said Gerber.

He says the people of Port Clinton and those from outside stepped up and did whatever they could to find Dilly. 

"You can see pink ribbons, walking around town, and pink ribbons around trees and, you know, people had pink lights on and lights on their porches for the last several weeks and hoping for the best. But now we know how it ended and I just hope that he’s with his Heavenly Father and he’s in peace," said Gerber.

The police chief says the investigation is still ongoing and an autopsy is being done on Dilly’s body.